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To provide you with a wide range of home improvement or commercial building remodeling services we have to make our service list quite interesting and long. We, Star Builders know our strength well and this is the reason we are confident enough about providing all these services with full efficiency, accuracy and dedication. Our professional approach makes our job easier in this industry.

We have professionals who are experts in measuring the structure of the part which you wish to remodel and then they choose the best remodeling and improvement technique that can match your needs. Be it your kitchen, bathroom or any other part of the house – we can renovate it from top to the bottom.

Custom Home Construction

Are you not happy with the design of the home you have newly bought? Do you wish to change it and give it a look that matches your personality and lifestyle? Then hire us. Your search for Custom home builders will end with us.

Full Kitchen Remodeling

Change the look and feel of your kitchen with our Kitchen remodeling services. We provide the best remodeling and renovation solutions for your kitchen as per the modern trend of home decor.

Home Remodeling in Los Angeles

Your old house can be renovated and it will receive a new look with the help of our affordable home remodeling solutions. It can be any part of your house which you wish to renovate. The experts of Star Builders are always ready to provide you with the most effective remodeling services.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles is not an easy task but our experts can make it simple when you hire them. They use the most applied techniques in smarter manner when it comes to change various sections of a bathroom to give it a new and fresh look.

Room Additions

Are you not happy with the numbers of rooms in your house? Do you want to have something more? We are here as your best remodeling contractors in Los Angeles. We can plan and construct an added room to your existing structure as per your needs and budget.

Tenant Improvements

If you wish to improve the current condition of the rented area of your house as a part of your lease agreement

with your tenant then we are the company you can rely on. We are the Remodeling contractors in Los Angeles for customized alterations in that particular area.


We perform the job of framing as well for both the residential and commercial buildings. Apart from that, we can be hired for apartment framing as well. Our experts are skilled enough to provide you with flawless framing solutions.


The foundation of your building is the most important part and you cannot take any chance with its condition. Hence, whenever you need any construction related service for your foundation, give us a call and our team will be there for your assistance.

Structural Repair

Are you looking for any professional structural repair company in LA? We have proper experience and the right training for this job. The professional construction workers can repair the structure of any building with ease.

Hardwood Flooring

We provide the service of hardwood flooring as one of the top Flooring contractors in Los Angeles. We know the right technique and use the best tools to carry out the job in a seamless manner.

Tile and Natural stone installation

We can provide you with the best service of tile and natural stone installation for your home and office as per your requirements and budget. Our job is as flawless as you wish it to be.

Crown and Base mouldings

Since we are one of the most experienced and dedicated Home improvement contractors in your area, we can offer you services that no one can. Hire our crown and base mouldings service for your old home after renovating it and you can see the differences.

Doors and Windows installation

Do not forget your doors and windows when you wish to remodel your house or offices. We are here for this as well. We can help you with doors and windows installation services as per your budget within the deadline. Our job is perfect and secured.

Please call us if you need any of these services for your home or office reconstruction project.

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